Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Lunch

After the park yesterday I took Lila to school and rushed home to heat up the "turkey dinner" I made the day before and pick up Jeff.  Then we all headed to Lila's school to join her for the annual Thanksgiving lunch at school.  The kindergartners got to have their first lunch room experience and we got to enjoy seeing Lila in her school environment. 

Here are a couple art projects in the hall outside her classroom.

 Clarissa waiting anxiously for the kids to come out of their classroom.

 Heading to the cafeteria.

 Lila chatting with some friends and another dad who were at our table.

It was fun to go to Lila's school and little does she know we'll be going back again today.  Turns out that the Reflections project Lila did won!  I got an email asking me to keep it a secret because Lila's name will be announced at the awards assembly at the school today!  

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