Saturday, August 25, 2012


Heading to Murray Park

 She looks like a wild woman!

 You've got a little something on your face dear.

 This place is awesome!

 Time to go back home!

Fun times, as always!  My kids love Murray park.  Clarissa keeps calling it Murray Lake!

More Family Fun

After Kurtis' race, we played around the house a bit and them took my family up to Snowbird.  If you come to Utah, you have to see the mountains!

 They were a tad cold.  I forgot they're used to the HEAT!

 Brooke and Kurtis explored and went for a ride up the Peruvian Lift to the top of the mountain. 

 Lila and Clarissa went on the trampolines.

 A girl after my own heart.  Brooke busts out a dance on the tram deck.

 Clarissa wanted to go for a little hike.

 Jeff is now acting like Kurtis.  

 I have got to take this girl hiking soon!  She didn't want to turn around!

 Everyone had a good time, but was starting to get hungry so we headed home for dinner and a mud bath. Ha!  Well, the girls played in the mud and we just took lots of pictures.