Thursday, December 15, 2011

a day in the life...

Drawing fun.  

 Now that is a good elephant!

 Clarissa drew Rapunzel.  Can you see all the hair?

 Next, Daddy.  See his goatee?

 This is my "nice power ranger" daughter.  

 Do.  Not.  Shoot. 

 Me being harassed by my son.  
 Always good times.

Unexpected Fun

Last Saturday Jeff and Kurtis headed to the desert for a rock crawling competition.  The girls and I had no plans.  I woke up and turned on the computer to find my friend Heidi was trying to give away tickets to a magic show she wasn't going to be able to attend.  (thanks Heidi!) Well, hot dog!  I got the girls up and dressed and we headed down town.  

The magic show was very fun.  It was a one man show and he did lots of fun tricks for kids just the girl's age.

 Then, one of the girls favorite people, Miss Rae came to see us before she moves back to Oklahoma later this month.  We know Rae through Timbra and see her often at Timbra's house.  She was the girls first "baby sitter."

We wish Rae lots of fun and happiness as she goes on her next life adventure!  We'll miss you Rae!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Now that is cute

I got Clarissa dressed and then told Lila to get herself dressed.  She came down with her sister looking very matchy matchy.  Cute.

LLL of Murray

Timbra and I met through La Leche League.  She became a leader through the Sandy group and then started her own group in Murray.  I always say I'm going to go and honestly I think this was the second time.  Ever. 

They were having a holiday potluck and I was excited to go and not be in charge.  Plus, their meetings happen when Lila (who doesn't like going now that she's older) is at school.  

Elliot and Airi

 Timbra, looking very festive.

 Jeana, Veronica, Timbra and Airi.
 Clarissa and Maddie where having too much fun.  Cute girls!

I was glad I went and maybe I'll even go more than once next year! ;)