Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm a Nice Ninja

Clarissa has taken to wearing this winter balaclava and pretending to be a ninja.  "I'm a nice ninja!"  Declaring that she only hits the mean guys. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Times

 My Mama Tutu's (grandmother) declining health has been harder on me that I could have imagined.  She is one of the most amazing people I have had the privilege to know.  I am so happy to have had this amazing Grandmother up until my mid-thirties when I know many people live their lives without knowing their grandparents.  Sadly, she is in her last days now.  Her body is slowly shutting down.  The good thing is now she is at peace and not in pain any more.

This post is in honor of the wonderful woman I am happy to call my grandma.  I will always remember the happy times.

 San Antonio


 Zenita & Scott's wedding


 David & Melinda's wedding
 Washington with baby Justin

 My Dad & Laura's wedding



 Mama & Papa Tutu


 Lila in the dress Mama Tutu made for me when I was a baby.
I love you Mama Tutu!

Belated Birthday

It's always fun to get a little birthday surprise after your birthday is over.  Lila got a present from Grandpa Mike and Grandma Laura in the mail today and was totally thrilled with it's contents!

Busyday AKA Saturday

Saturday was very busy.  Two birthday parties and a soccer game.  All at the same time!  Kurtis' first soccer game was from 10:30a-12:30p.  Our friend Kai's birthday party was from 11a-1p and Lila was invited to her school birthday buddy's birthday party from 12-2p.  

The day started off with a hot air balloon over Sandy.  Then Lila and I went to the soccer field with Kurtis and Jeff took Clarissa to Kai' dinosaur party.  

Kurtis had a lot of really great saves as keeper!

 Lila and I left for Graycie's party in the third quarter of Kurtis' game leaving him to ride his bike home.

 Face and nail painting and music made this Justin Beiber party a fun time.

 Back home to put on Hello Kitty nails from Gramma Dodo.

 The day ended cuddling up in new bedding from Gramma Lois!