Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall concert

Kurtis played in the Fall Concert on Wednesday and he (along with all the other kids) dressed in costume.

Kurtis' buddy Jacob isn't playing in the band this quarter, but came along to watch.
Kurtis' band teacher who kept changing costumes between sets.

loving the whoopie cushion!

The concert was great. It's really fun to hear how good they're getting!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

1st snow

This was really the 2nd snow, but the first was only enough to stick to the windshield of the van. This was the 1st REAL snow. The girls were so excited and had been just about dying to go out all day but we had been busy with school and gym. So finally out to play!


It has been a lot of fun having friends in class with Clarissa and I. Every week she asks "mine fren Kai?" (my friend Kai) just double checking that he'll be there!


and later on that day for "Progress Party Sleepover" where parents are invited in to see their child's progress...

jumping through the donut

here are Lila and her classmates holding still and waiting patiently for their next turn... well...

when she finds out she only gets one turn!

and for the finale we watch the girls on tv!

Both the girls are doing fantastic in gym. They are both very strong and coordinated! Plus Clarissa usually takes a nap as soon as gym is over! Yay for gym!