Monday, October 4, 2010

Witchy Wonderland

We go see the witches at Gardner Village. We met up with the Wiist ladies for our weekly dose on Thursday. This year was lots of fun despite the very warm fall weather.

I wish I could take credit for this classy photo op, but I have to give Timbra props for thinking of this stylish set of photos that only gained us a few disapproving glances.

Timbra and her girls
Jumping time! This went very well until Lila fell off the wall on the back side, which was much much higher and could have been very disastrous had it not been for the quick response of Kurtis who caught her mid-fall!

Oh sweet Airi! I love this look!
tee hee hee
and here is what happens when you leave a 14 year old with a camera and go to the bathroom...

once I reclaimed my camera we went for a sweet treat!

and Kurtis snagged my camera again. this time he took some cute photos!

well, mostly...

and about here I think of that saying "it's hard to be first class when you're white trash!" HA!

poor Airi got dropped by big sister. nothing a little mama love couldn't fix!

I believe Kurtis' exact words were "Soy muy alto y muy guapo"

Clarissa didn't want much to do with any of the witches except this one that she absolutely loved! It was covered in frogs.

Timbra took this one of the kids and I on my camera. Thank you Timbra!
Kurtis took this one while I got one on Timbra's camera.

It was a wonderful witchy afternoon!

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Timbra Wiist said...

um, i don't want to tell you that i have something like 200 photos from this day, you have a TON of photos in this post, i'm scared to do my own :) it was a fun day and actually i think i prefer that it was 100 degrees instead of freezing my booty off the whole time. . . i love this little tradition, sad it's our last fall to do it together (probably)