Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fantastic Felines

"I love you mommy. You're much better than the cat." -Clarissa 

Now that is a compliment!

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A Robin built her nest on this ladder in our neighbor's backyard. She was kind enough to invite the girls and I over to see the babies.  They are so tiny and cute!  The girls have been loving seeing them!  We actually have been again since these photos, but that will be another day.


A lovely park day with the Wiist ladies.

Clarissa found this worm, then the hunt was on.  The girls found so many worms.  I think they had about nine each.

Poor Alani fell from the play equipment after a bit of a squabble with her sister.  Luckily, she was ok.

As always, it was lovely to see them and a nice day at the park.