Sunday, April 15, 2012

Modesto, Day 2

Back to my mom's house after a night with Matt, Meri and Henry we had a surprise waiting for us.  Easter baskets with art supplies and other fun things for the kids and some fun accessories for me! Thanks Mom!

 My new scarf

 And later on, dinner with my Uncle Tom.  This day I learned the most unusual thing about my mom.  She puts mayonnaise on her broccoli!  We all took advantage of teasing her about this as much as possible for the rest of the trip.  

 Kurtis, can I take your picture?

 Then a concert by Kurtis, playing and a movie.  Another great day in CA.

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Timbra said...

um, yeah, grew up with mayo on my broc. funny you'd never seen that before! fun times with your family . . . wish i was in CA today :)