Monday, February 28, 2011

Where oh where has my little dog gone?

Rocko is missing. It's been a long day of trying to find him. If you are local, please share this with as many people as possible. We'd like our dog back!

He is black with white/black speckled chest. Healer/lab/mutt mix, weighs 65 lbs. Last seen 2/26/11 in the afternoon wearing orange (faded) collar. very friendly.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bring a Friend!

Each semester gym has "bring a friend day." Lila's sweet friend Kate came on Thursday. They had a great time!

It's Thursday!

Of course, we went to see the Wiist girls. Timbra and I have both volunteered to be a larger part of the breastfeeding cafe that goes on every August in SLC. She will be this years' chair and I will be the volunteer coordinator. Last year Melissa and Meghan (both friends through LLL) filled these positions, so this week we got together with Melissa, Meghan and their crew too.

Clarissa & Eleanor

Jamison was the only boy and embraced it fully!
Look out world!

Meghan and Jamison
Melissa and Eleanor

When we got in the car after being there for three and a half hours Lila said "Why do we have to leave already!?" Then the whole way home I could hear Clarissa saying "Ank you jay-muh-sun!" (thank you Jamison) Love leaving on a good note!

It's 40* & Sunny! Quick, Get outside!

We have had some nice sunny days the last few weeks. Thursday after lunch we headed to Draper park to soak up some sunshine.

Clarissa instructed that I was to wait for her, she was going down the big slide by herself.

Back up Mommy!

Good times. Today there is a half of foot of snow in the yard and no signs that it will stop snowing soon. Good thing we enjoyed it!