Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jeff's Birthday

Jeff's birthday was on Saturday. Unfortunately he had to work from 7am-5pm. The kids and I cleaned up the house and made a cake for him and when he finally arrived he opened his present and we went for steaks at Lone Star Steakhouse. It was a long day for him and a quiet day for us. At least we all ended our day together!

We made cake.
We decorated the front window with window markers.
We couldn't find any balloons, but Kurtis had some water balloons. They popped entirely too easy, so we ended up only blowing up a couple. The girls had fun with them anyhow.

The kids made a collage birthday picture for Dad
Waiting for Daddy to GET HOME!

We actually let Jeff shower and change before we "made" him open his birthday present.

We got Jeff the Rip Rider. It's a coffin shaped skateboard that comes in it's own casket! It went over well with everyone!

Then after dinner... CAKE!


Friday, February 26, 2010

The first part of today...

This is how I know I'm a Mom. I don't care that my hair isn't brushed. It's a cute picture. Lila said "Mom get one of you and meeeeeeeee!"

Clarissa LOVES to brush her teeth!

now she wants me to stop taking pictures. yeah, right!

Lila's newest obsession.... Lady Gaga. Here, she is getting dressed for her performance as.... Lady Gaga! If you are not familiar with her... check her out! This ( is Lila's favorite!

Sunday was a long time ago...

I've been informed that Sunday was too long ago for my last post! I won't name any names (Timbra Wiist) but I'm sure you know who you are. :P So before Sunday rolls around again, here I am! Today was beautiful out so friends Julia, Shawnda and I headed over to Willow Creek park to let the kids run!

Shawnda taking my picture

Clarissa helping herself to a few crackers

Climbing uphill

Lila rolls downhill
Jacob & Kurtis

Yes, he has a halo... No he's not an angel!

Lila doing what she ALWAYS does! RUN RUN RUN!
This drain was VERY interesting.
Lila, Jasmine & Mateo


Lovely ladies. Shawnda & Julia
Julia and Rissa
Julia had her hippie hat on!

Jasmine gives high five!

Evan can swing all by himself! I wonder if he can teach Lila that?

The beautiful mountains & my beautiful baby

Until next time. I'll try not to wait too long. *wink wink*