Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting closer!

Well, our house is all in boxes & we're getting ready for the big days! I am so excited! Thursday we are signing on our new house & this weekend we'll start prepping to move in! Last Thursday I had an appointment with my midwife & baby & I are both fantastic! I actually finally broke down & bought more than one package of diapers! It will only be a matter of weeks before we meet our new baby boy or girl!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Belly shots!

A wonderful and very talented friend of mine recently took some pictures of this amazing time in my life. I am just over 32 weeks pregnant here. I wanted to have pictures taken when I was pregnant with Lila and never did. Since this is my last chance, sorry grandparents only 3 kids for us, I figured I should seize the opportunity!

May is going to be big!

May will be a fabulous month for our family! We are moving into our new house starting May 4th. Don't worry Moms, we're hiring movers, neither Jeff nor I will not be doing any lifting! We celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary on May 6th and we will welcome our third child into the world sometime in the second half of May! Hurray for May!
our house?