Friday, June 24, 2011

My Beefday

For my birthday (a couple days early) Timbra and I went on a girl date. We went to lunch at Mimi's where the waiter was VERY helpful at helping Timbra and I find gluten free and corn free menu items. I had citrus salmon that was very delicious. Then we went for pedicures and headed to Whole Foods where we had some cupcakes and brownies (gluten/dairy/corn free) and coffee. It was so nice and I really enjoyed it! This was the first time that Timbra and I had ever done anything with just us two. I think we'll have to do it more often!

Thanks for everything Timbra! <3

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chop Chop

As soon as it got warm Lila declared her hair too hot and wanted it "short like Denise's" So off we went to get it chopped!


And of course, Clarissa had to be like big sis, but just a small trim!

Cute cute girls!

Gettin' down with Denise

Denise had to work during Clarissa's birthday party so we stopped by her house to celebrate. Denise got Clarissa this cute yellow outfit with a tutu! We had fun watching the girls twirl and dance with the Wii.

Thank you Denise!! We love you!

Memorial Day

For a bit of Memorial day cook-out fun we headed to the Blackner's.

The girls LOVE Baylee!

Good times and good food! mmm

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just the two of us

The celiac test results came in today for Kurtis and Clarissa. Both are in normal range and do not have celiac disease! Looks like it's just Lila and I. Kurtis's secretory IgG was equivocal, but not positive and his two other tests came back well within normal. Clarissa's where all very low. Glad that is over with!
Also, Lila's stomach aches are decreasing and so are her rashes. Though she's still getting them, they're not as frequent or severe! I am still getting headaches and such, but I've only been gluten free for just over a month so it will probably still take a while.
Now on with life!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hooley Family

Tracy (Lila's friend Kate's Mom, aka the ones that just moved to Minnesota) asked me a while back if I'd do some family pictures for them. This was their last weekend all together in Utah and they wanted to grab some casual photos with the mountain back drop before they left. It was very fun and these are just a few of my favorite photos.

after a while crocodile

It's been a month of "see you laters" to a lot of local friends who are moving out of state. Timbra held a farewell party for Charity, Ryan, Ramona and Carl. We decided it wasn't a going away party, but a "congratulations on your new job that just happens to be in Massachusetts party!"

Charity and Ramona bringing in the good stuff!

Now there is good a Dad! Ryan wearing a sleepy Carl.
Airi and Clarissa

Timbra, Sam and Katherine

Meghan and her magnificent belly!

Charity and Meghan
Laurel and Maddie
Katherine and Sam
Jeff and the girls

Charity and Ramona. I think that my sweet little Clarissa is the cause of this sad face. Sorry Ramona!

And thank you to Timbra for this awesome picture of Jeff and I! LOVE IT!
Until we meet again, Charity, good luck on your new adventure! I hope life is wonderful in Massachusetts!