Sunday, June 12, 2011

after a while crocodile

It's been a month of "see you laters" to a lot of local friends who are moving out of state. Timbra held a farewell party for Charity, Ryan, Ramona and Carl. We decided it wasn't a going away party, but a "congratulations on your new job that just happens to be in Massachusetts party!"

Charity and Ramona bringing in the good stuff!

Now there is good a Dad! Ryan wearing a sleepy Carl.
Airi and Clarissa

Timbra, Sam and Katherine

Meghan and her magnificent belly!

Charity and Meghan
Laurel and Maddie
Katherine and Sam
Jeff and the girls

Charity and Ramona. I think that my sweet little Clarissa is the cause of this sad face. Sorry Ramona!

And thank you to Timbra for this awesome picture of Jeff and I! LOVE IT!
Until we meet again, Charity, good luck on your new adventure! I hope life is wonderful in Massachusetts!

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