Monday, June 29, 2009

Road Trip!

We started our trip on Tuesday morning at 6:30am. Our first stop, aside from potty breaks, was in Ranchester, Wyoming to visit our friends Shannon and JR and their kids AJ and Preston. The car ride there was acutally great. The kids held up well and there were no major break downs! (the ride home is another story)

St. Xavier, Montana

The main portion of our trip was to visit our friends Saule and Leslie and their family. Saule and his wife Leslie have the cutest little girl, Holly, who the girls had a blast playing with. Saule's parents have the most amazing home on the Crow Indian reservation just outside of St. Xavier, Montana. It is so quiet and peaceful out there. Jeff and I got the suburban blues after being out in the middle of no where. It was great! Thanks to Maurice and Sandy for having us!


Most of our stay in Montana was with Maurice, Saule, Leslie and Holly. The girls had a blast running around, playing in the wagon, in the water and on the four wheeler. I learned Clarissa loves spaghetti and can use a spoon! Jeff did a lot of yard work for Maurice and enjoyed every minute of it!

The last leg of our trip

We decided to end our trip with a few tourist stops. We left Montana mid-morning on Saturday and stopped to see the Oregon Trail landmark, Independence Rock, Devil's Gate, and Martin's cove, the Mormon handcart visitor's center. We then stopped in Rawlins, Wyoming and stayed the night where we ran into a carnival where Lila and I rode the ferris wheel! The kids where relieved to get out of the van and run around the hotel and go swimming. We then arrived home on Sunday afternoon. The girls did great, but that last car ride was not the best. Over all it was a FANTASTIC trip! I only wish Kurtis had been with us!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rad Dad

For Father's Day we celebrated last weekend while Kurtis was here. Today we went to South Jordan (the regular hang out) and took pictures of Jeff skating. As usual, he killed it.