Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kurtis the human yearbook and 2 sweet sisters...

The last week of school was full of fun. On Thursday last week Kurtis came home looking like a human yearbook. Comments to include: Erika is hot and Kurtis eatz bacon! 6th graders are too funny!

And because neither Kurtis nor I are ever in any pictures, here is proof we do actually live in the same house as Clarissa, Lila and Jeff!
Sweet coordinating outfits purchased by Gramma Lois.

Now, if it will only warm up again! We have had thunder storm after thunder storm all week! This afternoon it went from sunny to hailing in about 5 minutes! I'm waiting for summer to arrive!


Timbra said...

i can't believe I would readily admit that I'm not so sorry summer hasn't come in full force this year. . . the more storms and rain and cooler weather that comes, the shorter my "long hot pregnant summer" becomes!!! I love the coordinating outfits. . . oh, sister, I'm just dying for Alani's little sister!!!!

Surviving Triplets said...

Such cute, cute kids! I need a huge favor from you. Could you email me? I thought I saved your email addy but can't find it.