Monday, June 29, 2009

The last leg of our trip

We decided to end our trip with a few tourist stops. We left Montana mid-morning on Saturday and stopped to see the Oregon Trail landmark, Independence Rock, Devil's Gate, and Martin's cove, the Mormon handcart visitor's center. We then stopped in Rawlins, Wyoming and stayed the night where we ran into a carnival where Lila and I rode the ferris wheel! The kids where relieved to get out of the van and run around the hotel and go swimming. We then arrived home on Sunday afternoon. The girls did great, but that last car ride was not the best. Over all it was a FANTASTIC trip! I only wish Kurtis had been with us!


Timbra said...

looks like so much fun! I wish we could do an impromptu road trip. . . but at this time in my life. . . do you know how big my ankles would be? about as big as clarissa!!!!

Family of 5 said...

Road trip + pregnant lady = bad juju