Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Visiting with my Mom

We did a lot of playing with the kids while my Mom was here. What does a Grandma like to do better than watch her grand kids play?

Here is Clarissa patting and shushing her baby. Awwww

Lila with her newly hatching Triops we got from the aquarium.

Grandma and the girls.

Play time!

We finally had some clean air right after my Mom arrived, so I dragged everyone outdoors for a walk.

This snapshot isn't particularly fantastic, but I LOVE the view from our neighborhood!

Lila was determined to play in the water in the gutter!

Kurtis sporting his new shoes. You don't even want to know what size they are!

and a few more snapshots of the girls...

Come back soon for sledding and the making of a snowman!

It's ok, I'm here now!

I know, I didn't post anything for eight days. Take a deep breath, I'm back now. :P

My Mom came out from California for ten days and we had a great time. We shopped, went to the spa, made snowmen, went to the aquarium, shopped some more, went sledding, played games and just hung out and enjoyed each other.

The Aquarium

Mom and the big kids fooling around

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Losing my mind!

Evidently I started to post these pictures last week and forgot about them! Here is our aquarium trip with my Mom and the kids fooling around with Grandma!