Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ice Capades

Lila has been asking to go ice skating all winter. She had never been. We finally made a plan to go and went. The ice rink is open for two hours on Sunday afternoons, so we showed up at opening time. Lila was very excited!

Geared up and ready to roll, I mean glide?

Kurtis (nor I) had been for years, but he went for it and did great!
This was Clarissa's first time. She definitely needs both hands held.
Jeff tried this for a minute, but then we teamed up and Lila came with me.

Lila was thrilled!
Clarissa wasn't so sure...
I was hanging by the wall at first and I'm sure it was entertaining watching me clinging to the wall, helping my five year old, and taking pictures all at the same time!

Then Jeff and I swapped kids since he is way more comfortable on the ice than I am and Lila was ready to go go go!
Can you believe they even make ice skates this small? And we had to go up a size!
Lila's confidence was growing.

Going out on her own!
Resting the piggies.

Kurtis was surprised to see a couple friends from school at the rink and went around with them.

Lila on her own and NOT hanging on the wall!

Look at the sparkle in those eyes!

Clarissa was tired of skating. Since it was a nice day out I took her to the playground while Jeff and the big kids stayed. They stayed the whole two hours and then Lila begged for ice skating lessons the whole way home!


Rachel Ellis said...

So fun! Looks like you've had an awesome February.

Timbra said...

oh my, so much fun. alani was begging to go ice skating JUST before you took the girls on this venture. i think i might try to talk rae into going with us this sunday since mike will be out of town, what time is free skate? now i'm all excited about the possibility of lessons, maybe at the end of summer when rae leaves and we don't have ballet anymore, we'll see!