Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's + Preschool = Fun

Lila's school had their Valentine's Day party on Thursday, and since Lila doesn't go to school on Thursdays Clarissa and I went with her and enjoyed the festivities. It was very fun as a bystander, but let me just state that I'm glad I didn't continue in the field of young child development. I was just not cut out to take care of large groups of kids at once. They are a riot to watch though!

Handing out cards

Clarissa, looking festive

Lila gets along with the boys really well.

Mrs. Catie reads a Valentine story.

Clarissa getting in on the action with the "big" kids.
Craft time

Clarissa jumps in and does a work (that's what they call the activities at Montessori school, a work)
Now, for the best part! Cookie decorating!

Group fun!

Drama anyone?

Fun fun times and after this Valentine party went went straight to the Wiist girls annual cookie party that got postponed. Funny thing was, the original party was scheduled the day of Lila's school Christmas party! I guess Wiists and Montessori schools pick the best days! Wiistmandays!


Timbra said...

fun times . . . the best day IS wiistmanday! ha ha! are you dragging your feet so i MIGHT be close behind you on posting about the cookie party? i'm only to sunday (sunday has two posts, with a monthday involved). . .. so i won't be there til, maybe tuesday or something

PJP said...

I love your math! That's a great equation.