Sunday, February 20, 2011

And you thought Valentine's Day was over

For Wiistmanday it was supposed to be raining, so Alani wanted to be like Pinkalicious and make cupcakes. Well, it didn't rain, but we still had pink cupcakes!
I think Clarissa took one bite of her cupcake. She just ate the frosting with her knife.

Timbra decided that if everyone else was licking their knife, she should too!

Somehow it turned into climb on Timbra day.
Some dress up is always in order.

Yes, Timbra is still under there.

friend hugs
Window crayons

Not sure of all the words, but Timbra was doing a little rhyme with the girls that ended in "trot back, trot back, trot back" It was super fun and required moving this party to the floor!

More rhymes

We had the girls take a few pictures of us together because usually we're only behind the cameras! Lila took these.

Clarissa took these!
I now have a new respect for Clarissa's point of view. My legs...


You can't tell it by these smiling pictures, but Lila was actually upset that Alani wanted to hug her and Alani really wanted to hug her goodbye. It turned into a fun game of chase until poor Airi got knocked down.

We had a good time and realized that we need to cut our play time off before everyone gets upset. It's hard for chatty mommies to say goodbye sometimes! Until next Thursday...

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Timbra said...

those pix are very fun! there were tons on my camera too, maybe you'll get to see them in like A MONTH. . . aaakkkk!!!!! who is that chubby midget next to you ??? teehee :) beefs!