Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wiistmanday, Finally!

Timbra was out of town for about a billion years.  Well, not really but it seemed like it.  Anyhow, our weekly dates had been highly disrupted for quite a while and when I made plans to go to California it looked like we might not be able to see each other.  Turned out we both had a little time on Friday afternoon before the kids and I left town, so we took advantage of the sunshine and hit the farm.  

 Clarissa has to sit in the outhouse every time.  It cracks me up!

 Timbra is not actually picking her nose, but talking to Kurtis and getting ready to point at something.


It was so nice to see them between travels.  Now if this sunshine would just come back!

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Timbra said...

yay, a little time together. . . i like that my plunging neckline makes me look less pudgy than i am (was) at the moment, except the one later where my tum is out further than my boobs . .in which case NOT a good look. . .:) self critical, i know. ..also, there are a lot more babies now, since we were there!