Sunday, April 15, 2012

Forever Friends

While in Modesto my dear friend Veronica and I planned to spend Wednesday together.  If you don't know Veronica you might recognize her as the tall, dark and beautiful woman standing on my left in this photo.
We arrived late Wednesday morning at Veronica's house and spent the day hanging out and chatting.  Making up for the nearly six years since we had last laid eyes on each other.  She is one of those friends that even though we only talk a couple times a year and see each other even less often, it's like not a day has passed the second we see one another.  She is one of those amazing life long friends.
 My girls playing with Kelsey, Veronica's 14 year old daughter. 

 Kelsey and Lila were fast friends.

 Veronica is a dog lover, with three of her own, and loved playing with Ozzy.


 One of her pups could hardly stand that we were out front playing with Ozzy without him!

 The neighbor kids came out and my girls played in their yard with them while we all sat around and soaked up the sun.

 It was wonderful so see my friend doing so well.  Must make the next visit sooner than six years away!  Maybe I can convince her to make a trip to Utah next time?!

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