Sunday, April 15, 2012

Modesto, Day 3

Piano in our jammies.  Can I just say that Kurtis is amazing?!  He picked up the piano at my mom's house like a pro!  He asked which keys were which, got out a music book and began playing Christmas songs!  Amazing!

Ozzy and Annie
To the park!


 We don't have many Easter traditions, but we must dye and hide eggs every year.  So, we did!

 And my girls discovered snails.  There were tons of snails in my mom's back yard and the girls loved playing with them.  

Thanks to Kurtis, my mom and I snuck off to Ross for an hour of shopping while he stayed at the house with  his sisters.  Here is one of  my mom's purchases.

Big busy days tired everyone out, but we had a great time!

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