Saturday, April 21, 2012

Surprise Play Date

On Thursday afternoon it was beautiful outside.  I really wanted to take the girls for a walk to the park, but was feeling tired.  That's when I noticed two of my friends had made plans to meet at a park near me and posted about it on Facebook.  So, I headed over to Big Bear Park to surprise Melissa and Timbra.  

 Airi was so cute I couldn't quit taking her picture.  Plus, all the other kids had run off.

It was perfect.  Got out and got a little sunshine.  Plus got to see my friends and the girls got to see theirs!

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Timbra said...

it was a very pleasant surprise to see you, especially for the girls to play with yours that day, since al was begging to see some of her own friends and then whoosh. . .a dream come true :) funny, i took the same pix of airi's little feet on that panda (or whatever)