Thursday, October 21, 2010

a look back

At our last La Leche League meeting we got to talking about big changes motherhood brought about. Of course, I was a wee lass of twenty when I became a mother, so my life evolved a lot throughout my twenties, motherhood aside. I almost feel as though I have always been a mother. I feel like the biggest change for me came after Lila's birth. This got me to thinking about the "old" me....

Here I am with a fellow fashion student and the models who wore our designs at the 2003 Fashion Rocks show downtown.

I made the pattern for & sewed this dress myself. It's still in my basement.
a couple illustrations.

Snowbird 2002

Between Kurtis' and Lila's births I lived in Vista, CA, Modesto, CA and Sandy UT. I've lived in 4 different houses and 3 different apartment complexes. I learned to snowboard, skateboard and ride a dirt bike. I went to school for fashion at SLCC. I sold Jerry Springer videos, ocean cargo containers, worked for Gateway computers, and at Snowbird for six years at The Cliff Spa and as a banquet server. None of those were high paying jobs, but always gave me recognition for a job well done. Now I get no paycheck and very little recognition for a job well done, but still staying at home with the kids is the best job I've ever had. Wonder what on earth I'll do with myself when the girls are in school???
(me, 2001)