Friday, October 8, 2010

around the house

Sunday was a lazy pajama day last week as Clarissa had a little tummy bug. I set up a restaurant in the kitchen for lunch time and gave the girls "menus." Lila ordered a salad and Clarissa ordered hummus. When I accidentally gave Lila cantaloupe instead of watermelon she told me I messed up her order! Very fun.

Wednesday was a rainy day and Lila's 5pm soccer practice was canceled. The kids and I were just hanging out when Kurtis sat in the (old falling apart) rocking chair and it broke! This prompted a clean up and rearranging of the living room.

Love the look on Kurtis' face as he watches his sister dance like a crazy kid!

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Timbra Wiist said...

shh, don't tell anyone, but sometimes i look forward to rainy days when my plans get rained out and i'm required to stay home and do nothing. . . .(there's no other way to arrange my furniture, so i get to do NOTHING) :) so funny about getting lila's order wrong