Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sugarhouse Farmer's Market

Even though we didn't get to play with the Wiists on Thursday we didn't have to wait long. Friday I picked up Timbra and her girls in the afternoon and we headed down to Sugarhouse for their small but fun farmer's market.

Timbra couldn't find her "sunnies" so we headed to Old Navy first only to find that they had quite a sale. At .98 cents each we all got a pair!

we got some yummy red orange and green bell peppers for .50 each and then as I headed down I see Timbra standing under a gaint banner with the word BEEF on it. The reason this is so ironic is that Timbra doesn't eat beef! Made me laugh!

the girls and I sampled some apples that we ended up buying.

and we decided to get some food and stay.

on the way home Lila sported this Lady Gaga meets Cat Woman look!
Good times enjoying the friends and fall fun!

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Timbra Wiist said...

oh, NICE the lady gaga pic came out!!! can my baby please not look so big? back to leggings for her, the jeans age her like three months at least! ironic not only b/c i don't eat beef, but i am also called YOUR BEEF :P fun times, fun times. . .. i didn't realize lila was doing the "fanny pack sunglasses" too. . . . I have one of alani just the same :)