Monday, October 25, 2010


Thursdays should be called Wiistdays or Yeomiistdays or Wiistmandays. Before we had Wiist-o-rama the girls and I headed to the library.

Clarissa was killing me in this outfit! TOO cute! Plus, she is finally starting to like books! YAY!

puppet show

And then for Wiistmanday fun!

mmm, that shoe looks delicious

I love that Alani is sitting on Clarissa's head and she doesn't seem the least bit phased about it. Timbra was trying to get Alani to sit next to Lila on the other side, but first she nearly sat on Clarissa, then she squeezed in between Lila and Clarissa. I finally went in for an intervention.
Timbra and I were tickled that the big girls were nearly wearing the same outfit!

It was a beautiful fall day. Timbra, better get out your coat for this Thursday!

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Timbra Wiist said...

i blogged and i read your blog. . . i know, how can it be like too hot for tshirts last thursday and this week we've got to get out the parkas?!!!! in a few weeks we'll have to put C and A (that's big A v. little a) in matching dresses :) that's twice of late we've put our kids in the same color scheme and really? blue and purple, navy and pink. . . it's not like these are NORMAL color combos :) take your sling out of the package, embrace it's heritage and we shall have our matchy matchy sling pix too! PS, fave library pic, lila under the halloween decorations. . too cute!