Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mommy and Me Art

Timbra and I took a break from working on the Breastfeeding Cafe and went to one of the classes we were offering.  Mommy and Me Art class.  It was worth the drive downtown again to play with the girls and not be working on the cafe!

 Katherine, Elliot and baby Sam joined us for some art fun!
 Airi looks thrilled, right?
 Waiting for paint...

 Time to create!

 See Timbra's enthusiasm that Airi is painting herself?  Yeah, I think she was just about that thrilled. 
 La Leche league friends Ginger, Cache and True.

 Not long and the Breastfeeding Cafe Chairwoman was back to work on the cafe with an interview.
 Sweet friends at the cafe!

It was fun to be on the committee this year with Timbra.  I met some other wonderful women and enjoyed both the work and the play!

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Timbra said...

mommy and me art. . . lila and airi looked SO excited to be there, alani and C however. .genuinely pleased. I am only displeased because of the painting WITH hands, I blame Katherine who lead by example, and Ginger will be happy you put up a photo of her without make up. . you're in trouble now!