Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm in the mob!

I was not convinced that I wanted to do this flash mob until I showed up to the first practice.  What a blast!  Amazing and fun women and what a riot actually doing the flash mob!  It was right in front of the Breastfeeding Cafe and as you can see Lila (in green) and Alani (in pink) as well as another little girl wore their dolls and danced with us.  Very very good times!

Thanks to Jeff and Kurtis for taking all these pictures!!!

The whole crew!

 Timbra was mentioning I had a dorky best friend.  All I have to say is:  It takes one to know one!

 Cafe committee members: Tricia, Timbra and I

 add one more: Claire

 One of our talented photographers, none other than the Mr. Mike Wiist!
Friends Mali, Jet and Timbra
I'd do another flash mob with these ladies in a heartbeat!   And if you haven't watched the video, do it now!  Or watch it again here!

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