Sunday, September 4, 2011

volunteers and moving vans

So many things went on the first two weeks of August.  My dad and step-mom were here, the Breastfeeding Cafe was going on and Shawnda was here from Texas to move the rest of the things out of her house.  Being in charge of the volunteers for the cafe I had to fill in shifts when volunteers called in sick and such.  This morning I decided to fill the shift myself and headed down to open the cafe.  Katrina Anderson was there teaching a photography class, so that was fun.  Katrina is the photographer who did some nursing photos of Clarissa and I last Spring.

Here is La Leche League friend Xela's new sweet baby, Emi Lou. 

 Shawnda's cat had kittens only days before they were to move all their things to Texas.  This bumped the number of cats to take in a packed full mini van from three to seven.  Yes, seven cats, to adults and two kids, one mini-van with trailer.  That was one trip I was glad not to be in on!

 Clarissa and Madeline (Challene's daughter)

 Evan and Lila

 Shawnda's friend Challene with her youngest.  Clarissa thought he was pretty fascinating.

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Timbra said...

emi lou SLAYS me, wish i could have hit up the class, Katrina is just too fabulous! and that is A LOT of cats for one trip. . . if we were in our own house, I would have begged mike to let us have a kitten, but it would have to live outdoors