Monday, September 5, 2011

Full of Hot Air

Sandy City has a annual Hot Air Balloon Festival.  This year was the third year we've attended.  They have had to cancel some years past due to lightning.  This year we had a few sprinkles but the storms stayed away until the very end, then it wind and eminent storm had everyone running for their cars!  We were happily joined by the Wiist family this year.

2007 Hot Air Balloon Festival with Rachel and Malaina.

2008 again with Malaina and Rachel
Hmmm, no pictures of the balloons this year.  Guess my new baby was taking all my focus!  Clarissa would have been less than three months old!

 2011 With the Wiists
The kids all played in the grass with all the other children there.  Lila hit it off with the cutest little girl with hair that makes mine look flat!

 See, Timbra, you're not the only one who goes all ga-ga when I take their picture.  Maybe there is a help group for people like you!? 

 As soon as I stood up to take this picture that little boy popped right out in front of Timbra and her family.  They didn't have another child!

 Just a few sprinkles

 Mike was being a great sport! 

 Sweet friends watching as a giant pink pig rose before their eyes!

 Love birds

The Wojnowski family was there.  Elliot came by to say hello with his Daddy.

Lila loves this event and always waits anxiously for it every year!  Let's hope the lightning stays away for 2012!


Timbra said...

definitely email me those family pix, SUPER cute! so much fun. . . even if it was mostly just hanging out on the lawn with our good friends. mike also makes a lot of silly faces. . . we DO need a support group now

Rachel said...

Miss ya girl! I can't believe how little the girls were! Such cuties! Looks like fun for all :)