Friday, September 2, 2011

Cow Milk

Wheeler Farm got new play equipment!  My girls were thrilled to see this when we showed up there to milk cows with Grandma Laura!

 The girls were very excited to milk a cow!  Neither of them were hesitant at all.  It was very fun and I even milked her too!

 You have to imagine the soundtrack here.  Clarissa was saying "pss pss" over and over again! 

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Timbra said...

MAN. . . i want to milk the cow, let's make a date of it (or maybe i'll just take my in laws). . . my mom has NEVER been to wheeler. . . silly, it's 2 minutes from my house. . . alani and airi went on a date with mike while the playground equipment was under construction, she is VERY excited about it, we still have not tried it out. . . let's to wheeler on wednesday this week!?!! HAHA HA . . . my word verification is "goati" PERFECT