Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthday Girl

Lila's birthday was last Friday.  She had school that day, but because Kurtis has late start school on Fridays we were able to do a bit of celebrating before the kids went to school.  

Present time!

 What better than a cupcake for a before school snack on your birthday!?

 Cupcakes ready for the party!

 Lila and another girl named Graycie share a birthday and both for these birthday crowns to wear at school.

 A few more gifts.

 And then for a Justin Beiber dance-a-thon!

We then got suited up and headed out the door for Lila's pool party!


Rachel Ellis said...

Happy birthday, Lila!

Timbra said...

blech, school on her birthday? isn't it like a national holiday whenever your birthday rolls around? you shouldn't have to go to school on your birthday :) looks like she didn't mind much, with the crown and all, and the fun gifts ahead of time :)