Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I *thought* I posted this to my blog the other day.  Turns out I posted it to La Leche League of Sandy's blog!  Oops!

Yesterday Lila said two things that made me smile, well, she probably said a hundred things that made me smile, but two worth writing down.

At dinner when she found out we were having bok choy "Mmm!  I love bok choy!"

Watching her brother eat a cheese sandwich "I wish I could eat cheese because cheese makes all your dreams come true!"

Gotta love that girl!

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Timbra said...

as a cheese eater, i can attest that cheese does make your dreams come true :) we barely go a meal without cheese. . . but we also haven't been eating other protiens with dinner besides cheese and lentils! (we're actually eating that right now with tomato sauce, spinach and rice noodles) seriously! she is a funny girl! and it's time to put something new up, especially since you said you uploaded pix today :)