Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Frosty Elf Hunt

Thursday Timbra and I had planned to take the girls on the Elf scavenger hunt at Gardner Village.  We woke up to cold temps and a high wind warning.  We decided to brave it.  Unfortunately I'm the one to blame.  I had already told the girls we were going and they were very excited about it.  

It was cold.  Brutally cold.  Wind chilling your bones cold.  Even Lila was complaining.  If Lila thinks it's cold, you know it's cold!  The girls each had two pairs of pants, scarves, gloves, coats and Clarissa had two sweaters and they were still popsicles! 

 We arrived before the Wiist girls, so we went into this shop to warm up while we waited.  They had a bunch of Christmas villages set up and the girls loved them!

 Clarissa humored me and joined the carolers.

 Note: Beanie, two hoodies, plus scarf wrapped twice around the neck!
 Timbra and Airi plus dolly.
 Brr!  Where is the next elf!?

 Clarissa was miserable and even after one stop in the bakery to drink some hot tea, we ended back there again while Timbra took the others to find the remaining elves.  

To occupy our time Clarissa made faces at me and I took pictures of her.

 Timbra, Lila, Alani and Airi returned proud to have found all the elves and we headed to Sweet Afton's to receive our prizes, candy!

 Candy makes the cold seem much more bearable! 

 Timbra snapped this shot of the girls and I before we hurried to the warmth of our cars and headed our separate ways.  Both the girls declared it was a fun time, so I guess it was worth braving the cold!

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LLLofMurray said...

okay secret camera elf, i had NO idea you'd taken more than like three photos the whole time. . . HA. . . it wasn't too bad of a time :) okay, it was freezing ass cold! but I'm glad the girls got to do the elf hunt :)