Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sk8 or Die

A couple weeks ago Jeff unintentionally wore his Skate and Destroy hoodie to the ice rink and got a few odd looks.  He made sure not to wear that one again.  

Timbra arranged for a skate date two Sundays ago and we were happy to join her and her friend Jerri.  We brought our whole family, plus the Remy boys.

Kurtis, Chris & Jacob lacing up

It was fun to see Lila out there with her friend!

Clarissa enjoyed ice skating much more this time!  She was even getting brave and pushing herself along while holding the wall, "I don't need help!"

Airi had fun dragging her mom around the rink.

Little buddies

big buddies

"I do it all by myself!"

Wiist girls

Jeff helped Alani off the ice when Timbra and I both had little ones under foot.

Jerri and her kids, Katie (who is the same age as Alani and Lila) and her son Will (who is the same age as Kurtis!)

This was an interesting operation.

Snack time while the Zamboni went over the ice.

Notice Jeff is mostly the one going around with Clarissa?  If I take her it's kind of like the blind leading the blind.  I'm ok on my own two skates, but hand me an extra set of wiggling skates and it's near disastrous! 

Everyone had a great time!  I hope we can all go again together soon! 

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Timbra said...

it was good times. . . i like when i look skinnier in your photos. . . i mean, obviously my body has shifted b/c the last few times we've been together, i'm like YEAH. . .finally not chubby T anymore :P anyway. . .we'll have to do more ice skating. . . it's tiring, but lots of fun. oh, free lesson this coming wednesday afternoon, if you wanna sign C up, i hope it's still free, there is a cut off date, and then it goes up to five bucks, but both my girls are doing it