Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LLL of Murray

Timbra and I met through La Leche League.  She became a leader through the Sandy group and then started her own group in Murray.  I always say I'm going to go and honestly I think this was the second time.  Ever. 

They were having a holiday potluck and I was excited to go and not be in charge.  Plus, their meetings happen when Lila (who doesn't like going now that she's older) is at school.  

Elliot and Airi

 Timbra, looking very festive.

 Jeana, Veronica, Timbra and Airi.
 Clarissa and Maddie where having too much fun.  Cute girls!

I was glad I went and maybe I'll even go more than once next year! ;)

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Timbra said...

SO glad you came for this, even if you've only ever made ONE meeting. . . but it was an important meeting, like in the beginning times, when i needed the support. . . in my photos, i had NO moms nursing, i thought that was a little ironic :) looks like kathy is doing a spread on this in leaven! hooray!