Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Family Fun

After Kurtis' race, we played around the house a bit and them took my family up to Snowbird.  If you come to Utah, you have to see the mountains!

 They were a tad cold.  I forgot they're used to the HEAT!

 Brooke and Kurtis explored and went for a ride up the Peruvian Lift to the top of the mountain. 

 Lila and Clarissa went on the trampolines.

 A girl after my own heart.  Brooke busts out a dance on the tram deck.

 Clarissa wanted to go for a little hike.

 Jeff is now acting like Kurtis.  

 I have got to take this girl hiking soon!  She didn't want to turn around!

 Everyone had a good time, but was starting to get hungry so we headed home for dinner and a mud bath. Ha!  Well, the girls played in the mud and we just took lots of pictures.  

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Timbra said...

Isn't it always so very lovely when friends and family stop by for a visit, even a quick one? (and take your child away for weeks at a time :)