Thursday, November 3, 2011

Harvest Time

Timbra throws awesome parties. If you didn't already know this it's either because either A.) you've never been to one of her parties or B.) You've never read my blog.  Either way, you're missing out.  
And now for the annual Wiist Harvest Party!

Miss Rae
Katherine and "Killer Tomato" Sam
Kurtis the Hustler
Lucy and Peppermint Patty

The Fairy Godmother & Lucy van Pelt

Guessing how much the big pumpkin weighs
Decorating goodie bags
Cutest tomato ever!
Xavian the rooster

What?  You don't have a zombie hair dresser?  Glitter spray rocks.
The infamous bean bag toss.

Me & my boy!

Mmm, cupcakes are good.
Who doesn't want to decorate a cookie?

Elliot the Killer Bee feeds his little tomato, I mean brother.

Charlie Brown & Lucy

Hoola Hoop toss
Sally Brown

A mad game of chase broke out.

More chase

Go Airi!  Get those big kids!
Parade Time!
Lady Liberty, AKA Katie

Airi really hated her wig.

Belly shirt and tights.  That's a costume on it's own, really.
All your running wishes will be granted!
Killer Bee!
That frosting is so good I could eat my own hand...

Not sure exactly what happened but let's just say Kurtis scared the pee out of Airi.  Quite literally.  Whoops...
And you know it's a party when Airi takes her clothes off, so we could finally go home.  Thanks for the good times Wiists!


Timbra said...

bwahahaha. . .last pic is PRICELESS. . . i forgot to add that story (um, i almost just wrote "ass that story") in my version, I'll have to go back and amend it now :) You got some great pix, it was fun times!

Timbra said...

PS. . .seriously, I can't tell you how many times Airi peed in that costume this year! (i think it was three at least, plus she peed herself the night that I got the costume put together, even though she wasn't wearing it at the time, but she did wear it earlier in the day. . . must be the skort. . though "you can never have too many skorts" ya know?!)