Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Playground!

Lila's school put in a kindergarten playground for the first time and put in an all new playground for the bigger kids.  Ever since it was finished we've all wanted to go check it out, so we finally did.  We've been twice already this week.  It's super cool!

These spin on their own when you step/sit on them!

This slide is really cool.  You're supposed to put one leg on either side of it to hold yourself on.  Not that my dare devil child would do something so boring...

A little girl (maybe about eight years old) asked me if Kurtis played soccer for a living.  Kurtis replied "No!  I'm just a kid!  I'm only 15."  
Braver than I...

This girl was BOOKING.  Just watching her made me want to barf!

I see many more trips to the school park in our future!

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