Saturday, November 12, 2011

I was there too!

My mom always brings her camera along on visits and I like to snag up the photos she's taken before she leaves.  Here are all my favorites.

School parade


Trunk or Treat

It seems like every time my mom is here she gets a picture of Kurtis mowing the lawn.

Mother-daughter date

The boys working on their rock crawlers

Mama in the kitchen

Curly heads!
No one in this family ever makes faces for the camera...


 My mom helped me clean out my closets and purge of things that were to big or I hadn't worn in ages.  There was quite a lot!

 From one costume to the next

 Party time!

 Ahhhh HA HA HA HA

Lila snaps a few photos.

 Lila LOVES to wash pots and pans.  I hope it lasts!

 This was my first pair of Vans.  My dad got them for me in Florida when I was 14.  I decided it was time to bury them.  Especially since Jeff just got me a new pair!

 Clarinet practice

Like I said, no faces.  Ever.

 Ok, I'll smile.
 Photos by Clarissa.  I was following instructions, "Go like this."

Ok, never mind, we all make faces!  

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Timbra said...

you must have learned all those silly faces from me :P it's always nice to "be there too" and your mom took a lot of great pix of the trunk or treat and the party!