Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shop 'til you Drop

Sunday my mom and I made plans to have lunch and shop together and leave Jeff and the kids home.  The day started with some cookie making and lots of tv time.

They do get along, sometimes.
 When I took this Clarissa said "Lila loves me." awww
I forgot my camera (shocking, I know) so I stole my mom's point and click to grab some fun girl time photos.

 These were totally hot and about ten years ago I would have taken them home with me.  Not so practical these days.

 And after significant damage was done, we headed home with gifts for ourselves and the girls.  (My mom had other plans for the boys).

Bouncy balls.  These were a huge hit!
 Sunnies for Clarissa.

 A couple *cough cough* new clothing items for me.
 Equally awesome silver sparkly shoes, minus the stiletto heal.

 Hello Kitty board game.  Like candy land, Sanrio style.
 My favorite purchase of the day.  Steve Madden boots.  To. Die. For.
 Twinkle Toes for Lila.

 My mom wanted a picture with Kurtis.  Not sure this is what she had in mind...

 AHHH!  They're becoming one person!  Maybe it's the zombies?

Fun times to end a fun day.  Thanks for everything Mom!

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Timbra said...

GOOD TIMES. . . I'd love a shopping spree :)