Sunday, November 13, 2011

Farm Country

Jeff will be done with school next month.  I'll miss these weekday outings with him and the girls.  This day we headed to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point.  My neighbor's daughter volunteers there and very sweetly gave us two free passes.  So off to see the animals!

 These little calves were so sweet!

 The brown one is eating the black one's tail!  

 Tony the yodeling pony didn't make it into work today.  He was a little horse.

 These kids were oh so cute!

 Pony Rides!

 We ended up here at the end.  The girls loved it and it was pretty hard to pry them away!

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Timbra said...

I "heart" the baby animals, i always want to go down, but it seems so far when there are so many free and fun things to keep us busy here :)