Tuesday, November 29, 2011

beautiful fall day

Sunday was a beautiful day.  I was feeling better after having a sick stomach the day before and the weather was just outstanding.  Sunny and warm enough to be outside without heavy coats.  Kurtis' flight was scheduled to land at noon, so the girls and I headed to Wheeler Farm playground to enjoy the day before we headed to the airport.

 There was another little girl there Lila's age and they got along fabulously from the word go.  They spent the entire time devising different ways of going down the slide together, giggling and screaming all the while.

From there we picked up a very tired Kurtis from the airport and brought him home with us.  Jeff took Lila ice skating, which she is getting very good at and I left Clarissa and Kurtis watching the Grinch to go for a run in the beautiful fall sunshine.  

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Timbra said...

yes, it was such a gorgeous weekend. . . you're a couple of days ahead of me, but i took the girls out on saturday while you were laying on the couch. . .and it was a gorgeous cold, but lovely fall day!