Friday, November 25, 2011

Cooking Day

AKA Thanksgiving.  I cooked.  Turkey, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, yams, jellied & whole cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie(s), and fresh bread.  

Grandpa taught the girls how to play angry birds.  Or maybe, they taught him.  

Aunt Katie would be proud.  Grandpa taught Lila a little about football.

 Clarissa was ready to eat!  She even took of her shirt so she wouldn't get any food on it!

 19 pounds of gobble gobble
 You're supposed to sleep after dinner, Clarissa!

Clarissa took my camera and said "make a shark face!"
Jeff got all dressed up to carve the turkey.

Clarissa asked for a leg.  It was almost as big as her!

I am thankful for...
Lila wrote hers all by herself.  "My Grampa, and turkey and my mom and dad and my cat. Lila"
I asked Clarissa what things she was happy to have in her life.  The first?  Squeeky toys.  Well, she is three. then "mommy, Lila, Grampa, cat, Daddy and Rocko" 
It was a lovely day with lots to eat and even more to be thankful for!

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