Thursday, November 3, 2011

Losing a Leader

My La Leche League co-leader Kathy moved to Moab, Utah this past weekend.  The weekend before I had a small going away party for her.  Kathy has been an LLL leader for about 20 years and a leader with Sandy for about 10 (can't remember exactly.) She is full of breastfeeding and mothering knowledge and is a fun person to have around.  I will miss her presence in our group very much.
Enjoy Moab Kathy!  I feel a vacation to Moab coming on!

 After the party Timbra and the girls stayed to play a it.  Lila painted all the girl's nails and did their make up.

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Timbra said...

yeah, good times. . . maybe we can do a girl trip down to see kathy in the summer?!!! my sister will be in LA by then, so i don't know about our "annual" CA road trip, but this would work in its place