Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Frozen Fun

Timbra and I decided to hit the park this morning, despite the frigid temperatures at the park.  When we arrived Lila said to me, "Mom, the wood chips are all frozen together over there." Nice.  It wasn't actually too bad, but the majority of our group (everyone but Lila) aren't that friendly with winter weather.

We arrived about twenty minutes before the Wiist girls so Lila invented a game "Like the game you like at Boondocks Mom!"  Skeeball is my favorite arcade game.  But, Lila renamed it lion cat ball or some such thing.

 Once Timbra and the girls arrived, Airi was a little slow to start.  I have to give them credit though, Timbra had to wake Alani in order to meet us at the park.  They literally rolled out of bed to meet us at the park!

 Lila helping Alani with her gloves.

 The girls were a bit chilly so I suggested that they run to each of the soccer goal posts and count them to see who tagged the most.  Lila loves to run and ran to each and every one with gusto with Alani following behind not wanting to be left out of the competition.  Clarissa gave up nearly right away.

 After a scuffle over a toy pig, Airi came to the rescue bringing a toy cow to share.

 Timbra showing off her "Justin Beiber" look.

It was a very nice morning!  From here we headed to Kindergarten and more fun activities.

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