Friday, November 25, 2011


 My father in law, Paul arrived on Tuesday.  Kurtis left for Virginia, where his Dad and family live now, on Wednesday.  I decided that the girls needs to run around and enjoy the sunshine so we headed to the zoo.


 The small monkey was swinging from the larger one's tail and all the children, and adults too, where cracking up!

 This guy was sitting right by the window looking at the monkeys on the other side of the glass!

 Jeff and my Dad wave the same way!

 Lila was pretending to be eaten by the large Tiger.
 Of course, sister had to do it too!

 Lila's hand

 Lila helped Clarissa go down the big slide.

 This picture is so very Lila!

 The bats were having lunch.  They were awesome to watch.

Another fun day at the zoo!

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Timbra said...

L's hair is SO cute all neat and tidy, newly cut! it's nice to see that your husband is approximately the same size as a male gorilla:o looks like a lot of good energy was run out of you all