Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Library and Leaves

One more fun day with my mom in town.  We headed to the library to get Lila her very own library card.  She was so proud!

 Lila is leading Clarissa, who has her eyes closed, across the library.

 Time for school!  They finally finished a new kindergarten playground.

 Of course, a couple photos by budding photographer Clarissa.

 I love these pants.  Probably a good thing they don't come in my size...
 After school leaf play.

 My mom played soccer for the first time ever.

 Somewhere under all that hair is my daughter.

 New kicks.

It was so nice to see my mom.  We all enjoyed the visit.  Now to plan her next trip!


Timbra said...

hooray for her own library license, that's the best . . .let's not talk about the fact that you'll be getting one with a ROAD license soon enough!!!! the fall leaves were WONDERFUL for 12.5 seconds before the snow came!

Rachel Ellis said...

Congrats Lila! Ooo! I really like seeing the Fall colors and leaves. That is what I miss. Snow, not as much. :)